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About Us

When we embarked on our first innovation challenge aimed at hiring top talent for a company, we were faced with the following questions:

How do we attract top tech talent to join a company?

​How do we evaluate the capabilities and skills of these tech candidates?

​How can we reduce the amount of resources it takes to expand tech teams quickly?

As we set about answering these questions and executing this project, we created a product that can address real pain-points in today’s tech hiring landscape.

We have devised a smarter hiring method that:


Ensures an accurate skill-based evaluation of committed candidates for particular tech positions;


Allows candidates to shine by demonstrating their skills, giving recruiters an insight into how they work


Helps employers save critical time and resources while making better hiring decisions; and 


Helps employers cement their brand as a tech-first business in the tech community.

This novel hiring method was born out of a partnership between Padang & Co and Indorse.

Padang & Co is a Singapore-based innovation catalyst that helps multinational corporations and government agencies solve big problems and discover opportunities in ways that are faster, cheaper, and more agile.

Indorse is a blockchain-powered coding assessment platform that facilitates expeditious and detailed assessments of tech solutions through a global network of experienced tech experts.

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